SFU- The final day

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Hey everyone! Well the Live in for Literacy event has come to a close. SFU’s final total is a whopping $4098.14! Laura and I are so proud of our school as well as ourselves. We learned a lot through this experience which we hope to apply if SFU can participate again next year. We would like to thanks everyone who donated, volunteered, told others about the event, and everyone else who helped including the security and maintenance staff. We would especially like to thank Scott and all the other library staff who were so amazing. Laura thought of an awesome idea for us to post about what we were most surprised by so here it goes. Laura was most surprised by how much more guys were willing to donate than girls, and how they were also more likely to donate more or be repeat donors than girls. I was most surprised by how you have to ask each person directly “do YOU have any spare change” before they will donate, or else they will walk right by.

Well, that’s it. Hopefully we will see you next year!


SFU- Final Tally

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Hey everyone!

Our final total came to a whopping $4098.14!

Laura and I are now at our respective houses and we will be continuing this post tomorrow after we recover from sleep deprivation….

Night Night

Kym (and Laura I’m assuming…)

Snow Day wasn’t so bad!

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Hey all! Well, I’m back at the library! I’m actually an alumni of the U of T music faculty, and while I didn’t need to leave to go to class, yesterday I did have a gig in Ottawa. Well the Murphy’s law of Canadian weather is that, whenever you need to go somewhere and be back quickly, there will be a snowstorm! And, so, leaving my excellent friend Meredith as my stunt double, I drove to Ottawa, played a gig, and then spent 8 hours driving back!

It was a little strange, getting back to the library almost felt normal! And Meredith and Kim kept the homefires burning in my absence, raising $340 through the storm!

So, now we’re on the home stretch. At the last minute, someone donated two tickets to an awesome concert tomorrow night at Koerner Hall, so we’re hawking raffle tickets like nobodies business! SNAP magazine is coming to take our photo this aft, and then we’ll make our final hurrah (I’m hoping to perform one more “One Minute Miracle!”)

Good luck to all in the last few hours!

SFU- Day 7. The Last Full Day…

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Hey everyone! Today is our last full day of collection donations, which means that tonight is our last night sleeping in the library, although we will probably be back on Friday and Saturday to catch up on everything we missed while spending all our time in the library.

The day started off on a high note, we awoke this morning to find a cake on our table! Our library’s Head of Access Service, Scott McKenzie, who has been so helpful, accommodating and just generally wonderful, bought us and the other volunteers a cake to share. There was so much that we ended up giving most of it away to donors when they donated $2 or more.

In honor of it being Chinese New Year, well in China since they are a day ahead… One of our volunteers is from China and she created some posters in Chinese which we posted around the school. And she surprised us by showing up with a bag of Chinese “lucky treat” which we promptly consumed. One of the volunteers who was sub-ing for Laura today is also Chinese and he taught me a little something so here it goes: SHIN NIAN HOW! and GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!

We had a volunteer call in sick a few hours before her shift, luckily, Laura and I have awesome friends. The day prior, a volunteer told us she would be unable to attend her shift today, luckily my friend Yvee stopped to study and started chatting with us, and offered to help out. While she was filling in for that shift, one of our other volunteers came and and said she would be unable to come to her shift, so Yvee took that one as well. Love you Yvee!

I don’t think either of us have mentioned it, but we have one visitor who comes by everyday and donates $2, he also hands out poetry to people. Today he brought us a poem about us and live in for literacy. It was a very sweet gesture, and he brought apples!

I was pleasantly surprised also when a staff member from our student-run campus radio station came by for an interview! Hopefully maybe a few people will read it and donate even though the event is technically over. Also our radio station replayed Laura’s interview today!

Our total amount of non-Canadian(and american since I’m sure you all noticed that half our change is American..) coins goes as follows and (does include what we had previously): 2.75 yuan from China, 20 sentimo from the Philipines, 0.29 pence from Britain, 2 rupees, 10 cents from Korea, 161 yen from Japan, 25 cents Euro, and 20 sen from Malaysia, The best coins that were donated to us today were…. 7 Cineplex Odeon game tokens and 1 car wash token.

Finally I would also like to thank the keeners who were still in the library at 11:30 today, if it wasn’t for you than we wouldn’t have raised $900.79!!!!! After our final count we were at $891.75 and we are so thankful that those who were still here chipped in what they could to help us break nine hundy!

So, if you haven’t already done the math, this brings our grand total to $3464.00!

We’re hoping to get the $536 that we need to get $4000, and since we aren’t packing up until about 630 I think we can do it, but who knows…

Stay tuned for our final post, complete with grand total (complete with recalc).

The day the world shut down

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Because Torontonians don’t know what real snow is, here at York the University was shut down for the day and all classes were cancelled. This means we collected $0 in donations todayyy 😦 but hopefully we can collect the big bucks tmo before we leave here at noon. Again when I leave I’ll know I will miss this library but for now im excited to sleep in my own bed tomorrow. Plus my room back at home is messy and could use a little love. Me and my camping partner (Shane) were pretty lonely and bored today. Luckily two friends of ours came for a visit and dropped off some food for us which was super awesome 😀 or we probably would’ve starved. Shouts out to Taylor  and Melinda ❤ ! Also we got published in the school newspaper today: http://www.excal.on.ca/news/home-is-where-the-library-is/ very  exciting, were on the second page of the print edition! 🙂 That is all for today, we’re very behind on our personal goal unfortunately since we lost a day 😦 but we’re just gonna have to try our best to make it up tomorrow! Best of luck to the other teams 🙂

– Alicia Gutierrez, YORK

SFU- Day 6

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Last night, Laura and I finally managed to beat the 24/7 lighting and actually slept in our relatively dark tent last night. Not only did we have our extra sleeping bag and blanket draped over and attached to our tent, we added out towels. This people, is the key to a pretty dark tent.

I don’t know about you guys, but about once a day we get someone who comes up and rants to us. Most of which are related to the area where the funds are going “India has enough money” etc. however this particular guy was crazy mad at us personally. If he swings buy again we’re calling security ASAP.

Money making strategies for the day
1) Laura works at the daycare so we recruited some of the kids to sit and read by our tent and collect donations.
2) Had a student wearing one of the LiL shirts stand by one of the entrances to the school with one of our many buckets collection donations.
3) We bought 80 Timbits in the morning which people could have if they donated.
4) Really emphasizing the tax deductions and how much people will get back.
5) I took one of the buckets to my afternoon lab and class, which added a decent amount to our fund-age.

Other aspects of the day included one of our first donors of the day telling us that we were in the free newspaper The Metro today. One of our volunteers who is actually from India attempted to teach us how to pronounce the regions where Room to Read is present. Her attempt was futile. Our friend bringing us dinner and Norm, if you read this, I pretty much love you. One of our friends was reading the website “www.likealittle.com” today and told us that someone posted about us, which is too funny.

Our total for the day goes as follow: 20 pence, 1 rupee, 20 sen, 25 sentimo, 161 yen and another “10” coin which we have yet to identify… And according to the Google images we compared it to, it is not from, China, Thailand, Japan, or Taiwan.

Finally, our total for the day was (drum roll please……..) $837.21!!!! Bringing our cumulative total to $2563.21!

We’re about to fall asleep in our soup, we will report back tomorrow.

Sincerely, Team Vadar Bear
AKA Kym and Laura

The Day the Librarian Matched Us

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Sorry we didn’t post last night, we were super exhausted. We raised over $500 yesterday! Today we raised 911.19s! Plus a $300 donation from a private donor, bringing our overall total so far to 2369! Woot Team York! A snowstorm threatens to stand in the way of our fundraising but I guess we’ll see what happens! We’ve been doing classroom visits  this year and though they haven’t been as successful as last year, they really do help with the campaign. The library here has a no hot food policy, but we usually sneak. Today we were caught eating pizza -_- soo not cool since we’re hungry like all the time. We also have a raffle going here, the bookstore kindly donated a $50 gift card, so that’s really been helping a lot. We also got our photos taken today for the school newspaper, I hope it makes it in tomorrow’s issue! 🙂 That is all for today. York is exhausteedddd

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